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Vista Dental is pleased to have designed Medicine Hat's most modern dental office. With the new facility opened since April of 2008, "The Fine Art of General Dentistry" has taken a leap into the future with a state-of-the-art facility that boasts the very latest the dental industry has to offer. Paired with the exceptional care and outstanding customer services synonymous with the name Vista Dental, patients can find them all under one roof.

The facility includes treatment that takes place in a brighter, ergonomically designed space complete with dental chairs equipped with built-in massagers. Every aspect of the space has been designed with the patient's comfort and care in mind.

Technologically, the facility is equipped with the latest advances including digital imaging x-ray equipment, cameras, and a computerized software system specifically designed to manage the patient's care.

While Vista Dental is still the only dental practice to offer a full General Anesthetic Suite, under the continued care of Medical Director Dr. Conway Brewerton, one of the province's senior and highly respected anesthetists, it also provides patients with a safe and gentle, less expensive option through sedation - an option provided under the gentle care of Dr. Conway Brewerton.

Vista Dental also offers a developed form of care that has resulted in the first generation of kids who are growing up without the standard level of fear associated with a visit to the dentist.

Vista Dental is proud to represent "The Fine Art of General Dentistry".

Vista Dental is leading the way into the future of dental care, a future free of pain and fear where no patient ever leaves thinking they are just one of many.

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